How To Make Easy Origami Moving Toy For Kids (Video + Tutorial)

Origami is a technique that you can use to create a variety of artistic crafts. A simple and enjoyable craft to do with folding techniques is origami. The simplest method of origami is to just fold papers in different ways to create a variety of styles and shapes.

Origami art is not limited to kids and even adults enjoy it. In fact, we have a guide on 55 Stunning Crafts For Adults with pictures which you would surely enjoy. Crafting origami involves using squared paper, resembling the art of sculpting through paper folds. With just paper and your hands, you can create both stationary and moving origami crafts for entertainment.

This interactive craft toy serves various purposes, including school projects, kids’ playtime, and overall fun. It offers an easy, step-by-step guide for creating simple origami crafts, helping you learn new folding techniques and structures. Explore different origami options to craft animals, toys, flowers, and even school supplies, providing practical and enjoyable activities for kids.

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It’s fun to watch the video tutorial for making this origami moving toy craft :

Materials You’ll Require :

  • Origami Sheet – Any colour you prefer – Dimensions – 21CM X 21CM
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue

These origami animals will make great playthings for kids, as these crafts are moving. You can also read our step-by-step guide on How to make a jumping Origami Frog. Kids can have a lot of fun playing with these moving origami crafts and also enjoy the tutorial. We’ve brought you a simple and entertaining tutorial today. This is an easy craft for beginners: an origami moving toy.


How To Make Origami Moving Toy

STEP 1: Squared Paper

Choose a coloured piece of paper that is squared. A size of 21 cm by 21 cm is advised. Selecting vivid or neon-coloured paper for origami can also be visually appealing and calming. 

STEP 2: Fold The Paper

Start folding the origami paper. Turn the paper horizontally and endpoint fold the paper from the bottom point to the top point.

STEP 3: Repeat Fold

Crease the fold nicely so that a division line can be visible. Repeat the step for the other side of the origami paper to make this moving toy craft, so that the entire paper is divided into four equal parts.

STEP 4: Close Loop The Paper

Considering the centre crease point of the paper, fold the paper from the edges to the centre point from all four sides.

Similarly, turn the paper, and make the same four folds from the bottom edges to the center point created by the crease.

STEP 5: Flip And Crease

After folding the paper as per the instructions, flip the origami paper and the backside will have four open flaps beginning from the centre. Crease the paper fold from both sides so that the paper looks neat and easy to fold in the further steps.

STEP 6: Structure

Hold the paper in hand and make a simple fold starting from bottom to upside and crease.

The upturned triangle-type fold will be created at the top which would be the base head of the origami moving toy.

Similarly, hold both ends from the side and try folding and bringing it back again and repeat. Now once this process creates a good crease, fold the sides with the above base of the head which was created earlier.

The bottom fold will enter the above fold and the origami moving toy structure is ready!

Add googly eyes using glue or use a marker to make the eyes. Now you can play with this origami moving toy and the origami toy can flap and the mouth of the origami creature will open and close. You can add a flapping voice to this craft while playing and enjoy this easy origami-moving craft.

These dynamic origami crafts, known as action origami, involve simple folds to create various moving creations. Kids often enjoy making popular origami crafts like flapping birds, jumping frogs, origami spinners, and pop-up cards.

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Precautions To Take While Making An Origami Moving Toy

  1. Be gentle while folding the paper, especially if it is delicate.
  2. Use squared shape paper only, to get this origami moving toy structure.
  3. Make the folds visible, so that it is easy to make sub folds in further steps.
  4. Ensure to use a clean and steady surface while making these origami crafts.

Is Paper Craft Origami?

Origami, a paper craft, involves creating intricate designs through folding techniques, requiring no additional tools.

What is a moving origami toy?

Create a moving origami toy by folding paper, giving it the ability to move and providing kids with an entertaining play experience.

Is Origami moving toy craft easy?

Yes, this origami craft is an easy 6-step craft and can be made by art beginners too. You can follow our guided tutorial on our Fabbcraft YouTube page too.

What toys you can make from origami?

You can create different paper toys using origami, such as fortune tellers, animals, boats, stars, boxes, ninja stars, and more. Check out the step-by-step tutorials on Fabbcraft for instructions on making origami.

What are the 10 basic folds in origami?

The ten basic folds in origami are valley fold, mountain fold, square base, waterbomb base, preliminary fold, inside reverse fold, outside reverse fold, rabbit ear fold, squash fold and sink fold.

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