How To Make Paper Bag With Handles – Video Tutorial And Pictures

Origami is a huge part of a kid’s childhood; it gives them the freedom to expand their creativity and imagination without any limits. They can make whatever they want, however they want without any restrictions. 

The world of origami is ever-evolving, and coming up with new things to make with a piece of paper. One of the most popular origami crafts in recent times has been a paper bag with handles. It might seem a little tricky at first but we promise, it is super creative and adorable once completed. You can also use this paper bag craft as an origami gift bag.

Do you want to learn how to make a paper bag with handles? We’ve got you! We have made an easy how to make paper bag step by step with pictures guide.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Square sheet of paper 
  • Scissors
  • Fevicol
  • Stickers or markers for decoration

How to make paper bag step by step with pictures

Step 1: Pick A Square Shape Origami Paper

Start by taking a square sheet of origami paper. This is the easiest way to make a paper bag craft. 

Step 2: Fold From The Middle

Fold the paper in half diagonally to create a triangle. Make sure the edges are aligned perfectly, then unfold.

Step 3: Unfold And Fold Towards The Center

Unfold and take the top layer of each corner and fold it towards the center of the paper. The corners should meet along the center crease, creating a diamond shape. 

Step 4: Unfold And Pull The Bottom Corners Towards The Upper Crease

Now unfold the diamond shape and fold the top edges do and unfold. This is an easy origami paper bag step by step guide. 

Step 5: Make A Triangle And Fold The Bottom Edge Up

Make a triangle and fold the bottom edge up to the crease above it.

Step 6: Fold The Sides Up

Now, fold the left and right bottom edges of the triangle, aligning them to the central crease.

Step 7: Unfold Again

Unfold the whole thing. This might seem tricky but we assure you that this is an easy how to make paper bag idea.

Step 8: Pull The Upper And Bottom Corners Downwards

Fold the top and bottom corners of the square inwards like we did in the previous step.

Step 9: Rotate And Fold In Half

Rotate and fold it in half to make the shape that is shown in the picture in this how to make paper bag idea.

Step 10: Unfold Except The Folded Corner Edges

Now, unfold the shape and flip the paper to make a simple paper bag.

Step 11: Flip And Fold In Half

After flipping the paper, fold it in half and make the shape again.

Step 12: Ensure Getting Good Creases

Fold the shape properly so it makes good creases. This might seem confusing but it is the easiest origami paper bag step by step tutorial. 

Step 13: Pull Left And Right Side Upwards

Fold the left and right edges of the triangle inwards. This is an easy how to make paper bag tutorial.

Step 14: Flip And It Will Create A Flap

Flip the structure, and you will it has now created a flap and now the bag is coming into shape.

Step 15: Unfold Except The Folded Edges

Unfold the whole structure except the top and bottom folded edges that we did previously.

Step 16: Bring Top And Bottom Side Up

Now, fold the top and bottom sides to the middle crease.

Step 17: Fold The Sides In

Fold the left and right sides of the flap inwards.

Step 18: Fold The Edges Inwards Along With The Creases

Fold every remaining edge inwards, the creases made earlier will fold themselves inwards.

Step 19: Origami Paper Bag Is Ready

Your origami paper bag is now ready with this easy how to make paper bag idea.

This is how to make paper bags at home.

How to make straps for the bag with pictures:

Step 1: Take Two Strips Of Paper

Start by taking two strips of paper, the dimensions are mentioned in the picture.

Step 2: Apply Glue To Sides

Apply glue to either side of a paper strip.

Step 3: Stick To Bag

Stick it to the inner side of the bag.

Step 4: Repeat With Other Strip

Repeat the above steps with the other strip too.

Step 5: Decorate Bag With Stickers

Decorate your origami paper bag with straps however you want with stickers and markers.

Precautions to take while crafting an origmai paper bag:

  1. It is very important to choose the right paper. Choose origami paper or any sturdy paper that is appropriate for the project.
  2. Origami requires precision and delicacy. Handle the paper with care to avoid creasing or tearing it unintentionally.
  3. Ensure that the creases are sharp and well-defined. You can also run your finger nail along the crease to make it more defined.
  4. Keep your workspace organised and clean so it can be easy for you to reach the tools and make the work flow smooth.
  5. Most importantly, keep your hands clean and dry so you don’t transfer any moisture to the craft. It can ruin your origami.

Some FAQs about origami paper bag:

Q: What is an origami paper bag?

An origami paper bag is a folded paper creation that resembles a bag. It can be tricky to make at first but if the steps are followed properly, it is very easy.

Q: Can I use regular paper for making origami paper bags?

Origami paper is recommended because it is specifically designed for folding and holds its shape better. However, you can use regular paper as long as it’s not too thick or stiff.

Q: Can I combine different colors of origami paper for a more colorful bag?

Absolutely, combining different colors of origami paper can create a visually appealing and vibrant origami paper bag.

Q: Are there any tips for making origami paper bags?

Practice with scrap paper before using your final sheet, follow instructions carefully, ensure precise folds, and be patient. Don’t hesitate to experiment and adapt the designs to your preferences.

Q: Are origami paper bags difficult to make?

The difficulty level depends on the design. Some origami paper bags are relatively simple, while others with intricate folds can be more challenging. With practice, you can improve your skills and tackle more complex designs.

We hope this how to make paper bags at home guide will help you in creating these adorable simple paper bag. These paper bag craft ideas are for everyone regardless of their age and it is also a popular paper bag making activity in school and can be used as an origami gift bag. Make sure to try your own paper bag craft ideas.

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