How To Make Easy Origami Heart (Video + Tutorial)

The intricate and delicate designs of origami hearts perfectly capture the creativity and accuracy of the traditional Japanese paper-folding technique. Origami craft not only is a craft for kids’ fun but also enhances the creativity and skills of kids. Though Origami craft is not only made for kids but also for adults. You can check our article of 55 Stunning Craft For Adults which you would definitely love reading.

Curated from a single square piece of paper, a simple origami heart serves as both a decorative and symbolic object of love. It’s simple to create a work of art, and folding the paper into a heart shape takes some beginner skill. Just some simple folds and the easy origami heart is ready.

Every fold and crease on the origami paper is done carefully to give the product a proper finishing and final shape. The thoughtful intention that went into creating an origami heart adds to its beauty in addition to its aesthetic appearance. If you like creating origami crafts then you can explore our Origami Dress Craft tutorial.

We share a video tutorial of this Easy Origami Heart, which will help you to make this craft easily and enjoy.

Material you’ll need to make Origami Heart

This easy craft only needs a single material only.

  • Origami Paper – Any preferred colour – 15 CM X 15 CM

Easy Origami Heart Step-by-Step Tutorial

Origami heart is a simple craft with easy folding steps and can be used for decoration or playing purposes. These cute origami hearts can also be glued on green cards to give an enhancing effect. So, you can follow the origami heart instructions mentioned below and create your own origami hearts.

STEP 1 – Cut The Paper

Start making an easy origami heart with a single piece of paper. The paper size can be 15 cm by 15 cm or any square shape size depending upon the heart size you desire to make. If you are using one side of printed paper then you can make the folds from the printed sides.

STEP 2 – Make Folds

Flip the origami paper, so that one corner end is on the above side and the other on the below side. The other corners are similar on the left and right sides of the surface.

Start folding the paper, from the top corner to the bottom end so that they meet each other. Crease the paper in the middle and unfold it.

Once the paper is unfolded, try a similar folding technique for the other two ends of the paper and crease. The left and right corners are folded in this step. Folding techniques if done gently give an amazing result to the final outcome of any origami craft. You can also check our easy Origami Boat tutorial.

STEP 3 – Centre Folds

Open the paper, from all the folds and the paper will be creased in four equal parts.

Try folding the paper from the top and bring the fold to the centre point of the paper, wherein all four lines meet. Press the origami paper gently to make a cute origami heart and crease.

Bring the bottom point of the paper to meet the top edge and crease gently.

The main structure of the origami heart is ready. Now fold the right side edge of the paper and bring it to the centre of the upside crease. Similarly, take the left side edge and fold the paper towards the upper edge.

STEP 4 – Shape The Origami Heart

Flip back the paper structure created till now as the heart paper base has been created easily following the origami heart instructions.

Turn the paper back again to give the final folds.

Fold the top two corners which are visible in triangular shape and crease gently. This will make the upper shape of the heart.

Now, make small folds at the right and left edges and crease them well. Fold the paper nicely, so that it doesn’t get deflected from the position and makes the fold stick to the given shape.

STEP 5 – Flip And Crease

Flip back the origami structure and fold the middle lines so that the paper folds are intact.

Bingo! cute and easy origami heart craft is ready. You can make different sizes of hearts by considering different paper dimensions for this craft and also use different vibrant colours as this will make your craft look decorative and beautiful. We have used red and pink origami paper to make this origami heart craft which also looks stunning.

We are sure kids and adults will love making this easy craft which is made for beginners. If you diligently follow these origami heart instructions then you will surely make this beautiful craft. You can also check the Origami Fish guide which is a fun craft.

Precautions to Keep in mind to make a perfect Origami Heart :

  • As only folding techniques are used in this craft, it is important to stick to the dimensions of using a square paper sheet only.
  • Make sure to have clean folds, and crease softly as this will make the paper heart look beautiful.
  • If you want to decorate the origami heart then you can colour or stick some decorative stones, or stickers on the craft
  • You can also make the origami heart craft as a greeting and write a message on the cute origami heart.
What are three types of Origami ?

The three types of Origami are Single Sheet Origami, which is a single sheet craft, Modular Origami, where multiple and identical pieces are combined together and Composite Origami where two or three different pieces are folded in different ways.

How to make an Origami Heart?

You can easily make an Origami Heart with a single sheet of squared paper, by using simple folding techniques. You can log on to for a step-by-step tutorial on How to make an Origami Heart.

What are easy Beginner Origami crafts?

Origami crafts can also be made by beginners. Origami Cranes, Origami Butterflies, Origami Boat, Origami Fish, and Origami Star are some of the popular easy origami projects for beginners.

Is origami easy for kids?

Yes, origami can be easy for kids. With this inexpensive and simple activity, you can keep the kids occupied. You only need a piece of paper to begin this easy craft of origami as no special tools are needed.

Can you make an origami heart with newspaper?

Yes, you can make an origami heart out of any paper. You need to get the paper shaped in a square so that you can easily fold it and create a cute origami heart.

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