How To Make Paper Fortune Teller (Step-by-Step Tutorial + Video)

Hello, today we’re going to show you how to make a project that’s enjoyable for kids as well as entertaining. Kids play this paper fortune teller, which is also known as a chatterbox or cootie catcher. This paper fortune teller is also an origami craft, which is made with just a piece of squared paper for your preferred color with some simple folding techniques. You can also check our step-by-step guide of Origami Fish and Origami Boat which is perfect for origami beginners and children.

Lets start the guide of How to Make Paper Fortune Teller, and also check out How kids can play with this origami craft which is simple and decorative.

Here is the video of this amazing tutorial :

So lets begin the step-by-step tutorial of How To Make Paper Fortune Teller, which is explained in simple step :

Material’s You’ll Need :

  • Origami Paper ( Any preferred color ) – Any size, should be square shape.
  • Color Pen
  • Decorative
  • Scissors

STEP 1 : Cut The Paper In Square

Take a A4 size paper or directly take a any squared paper as per the availability. If you are using a A4 size paper then fold the from left top edge and bring it bottom of the paper making a triangle shape.

STEP 2 : Use Squared Paper

Cut the paper using scissors in a straight line forming a triangle and unfold the paper making a crease.

STEP 3 : Make Fortune Teller Base

Crease the paper after folding it in half diagonally so that the two opposing corners line up. This is going to form a triangle.

Unfold the paper and now, line the other two opposing corners and fold it diagonally in the other way, creasing the fold.

STEP 4 : Fold The X Crease

An X shaped crease will be formed on the paper making a center point on the paper. Gently fold the sides of the paper from the edge towards the center.

Repeat the same folding steps for the other three sides, making a square box. Crease the folds at the corners by pressing on the square edges.

STEP 5 : Flip And Fold

Flip over the squared shape paper. The structure would be visible with four divided squares and a center point.

Fold each corner to the center again and complete the box. From all the four edges the paper would be folded at the center wherein all pointed edges would meet.

STEP 6 : Make Square Shape

Turn over the paper back and the front side of the paper fortune teller would be ready.

Simply fold the papers and crease at the edges. Open the center part and four pockets would be created which will help to hold the paper fortune teller firmly and also move from criss-cross movement.

The paper fortune teller base is ready and now its time to decorate and fill the numbers.

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Now, we will get a front side of the fortune teller and also the back side wherein there would be flaps which can be easily opened to view the luck or any good wishes mentioned in it to try the luck while playing with the paper fortune teller.

STEP 7 : Decorate

Write numbers on the backside of the paper fortune teller with a black marker pen or any colored crayons or pens.

Open the number flap and inside you can write a fortune messages or any good wishes to complete this fortune teller.

Flip back the front part of the paper fortune teller and color the four flaps with different colors , or write the names of the colors, for eg – Blue, Pink, Green, Red or stick on any four different color decorative to pick color while playing with the paper fortune teller.

That is all! You have made a fortune teller out of paper. You may write a variety of fortunes or messages on it for limitless amusement, or you can adorn it with drawings and patterns. You would also enjoy reading our easy origami envelope tutorial, which is as easy as this craft.

How To Play – Paper Fortune Teller

Once, you create a Paper Fortune Teller, by following this guideline, you can hold the fortune teller by placing your thumbs and fingers into the pockets created by the flaps. Your fingers should be touching from inside and making the fortune teller hold securely.

Now, ask your friend or any loved ones to choose a color which is outside of the fortune teller. If the person choose “Pink” color then, spell out the chosen color name, while moving the fortune teller back and forth, opening the fold of Pink color.

Once you flip back of the pink color, ask the person to choose the number from the flap. For eg : The person can choose between 3 or 4 . If the person chooses number 3 then open the flap and read the message or note written backside of number 3.

Yippie, the note written on the number 3 flap is – chocolates, so your you got lucky and you will receive a sweet treat soon of chocolates.

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What is the paper fortune teller called?

Kids mainly call it Fortune Teller, but it is also called a cootie catcher or a chatterbox.

Is fortune teller an origami?

Yes, paper fortune teller is an origami craft. This origami craft is simple to make and is loved by kids and they enjoy playing with this easy to make paper fortune teller.

What is the paper finger game called?

Fortune Teller. It is also called as a paper fortune teller as this craft contains small pockets at the backside wherein the kids can place their fingers to move the fortune teller.

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