How To Make Origami Frog (Step by Step Tutorial + Video)

Hey, today we will make Jumping Origami frog with step-by-step tutorial. Origami Frog is such craft which is created by origami paper and is folded to create the structure. Kids will adore playing with this origami frog project, which is a jumping toy. Not only is making this project enjoyable, but it also fosters children’s creativity and imagination. An mid- level origami project is this DIY origami frog, with the aid of our step by step guide, even those who are not experienced in origami crafts can also make this craft. You can also find our How To Make Animal Faces , guide which is easy and creative.

Here is the video to watch Tutorial of How To Make Origami Frog :

How To Make Origami Jumping Frog

One of the most popular and emblematic origami models is the jumping origami frog, which is made from a single piece of paper. With this paper-folding method, you can make a straightforward yet interesting toy that will “jump” when you push it on its back which is an amazing origami frog craft.

Material’s You’ll Need :

  • Two Origami Papers (Any Preferred Color) Size – 20 CM X 20 CM
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


STEP 1: Paper Folding

Use any preferred origami paper with a dimension of 20 cm by 20 cm. Fold the paper vertically forming a crease and cut the paper from between into two equal parts.

STEP 2 : Base Folding

Take one part of the paper and fold it from top to bottom creating crease. Unfold the paper and then follow the next steps.

STEP 3 : Crease And Folds

Fold the paper vertically from right to left, and a middle partition would appear. The middle crease would be visible on the paper showing four parts, hence follow the crease and fold the paper from bottom to half.

Similarly, follow the same folding instructions from the top to the half and nicely fold the paper which will ultimately show the paper divided in eight equal parts.

STEP 4 : Refold The Paper

Unfold the paper straight and fold the bottom right edge of the paper to half and press gently. Fold the paper in half vertically, then unfold it. Similarly, repeat the same folds for the other side and top part from left top edge to right half.

STEP 5 : Create Triangles

Unfold the paper and Fold the two top corners of the triangle up to the half point, forming a diamond shape creating a triangle, by folding the paper inward. And again create the same triangle from the below part of the paper creating another downward triangle.

STEP 6 : Create Frog Legs

By following the instructions, a upside down kite shape appears. Flip the paper over to the other side now and create small triangles from right to half point and left to right from top and bottom which will eventually be the frog legs.

STEP 7 : Flip And Join

Again, flip the structure created and make two triangles joining each other. Move the bottom part upside and crease.

Fold the bottom point up to create a smaller triangle, then open this triangle slightly to create a pocket and the upper triangle ends will be inserted into the created pockets. Flatten the sides and press gently.

STEP 8 : Flipping And Joining

Turn over the paper structure and the frog legs will be appear which needs another folds. Four flaps will appear.

These four flaps that has been created are refolded in half again creating small flaps outward side.

STEP 9 : Final Fold

A small fold on the bottom is created inward, which makes the frog legs move and jump on pressing it. This structure is the backside of the frog and will help in the frog to move forward.

Flip the structure and the frog base is ready. You will see the four legs of the frogs and the pointed head of the frog at the top.

STEP 10 : Add Frog Eyes And Tongue

Add the googly eyes on the top of the structure by using glue or use stick on eyes. You can also draw eyes using a black marker or stick paper eyes on the frog.

Hurray! The Jumping origami frog is ready. You can simply follow the instructions can create origami frog with different vibrant color’s of your choice.

Children can play with these jumping origami frog by pressing the frog at the bottom structure of the frog from the middle point and huzza! The frog jumps and moves ahead.

This origami frog is ready and you can play with this craft and enjoy with your friends. We are sure kids will love making this origami frog and have fun. You can also go through our step by step guide of How to make a origami fish and enjoy this craft. If you love making crafts you can also read our guide of the 25 Best Dinosaur Crafts For Kids.

Can Origami Frog Jump ?

Yes, you can follow the instructions to how to make a jumping frog and make the origami frog jump by pressing on the bottom part of the object created. You can read our step-by-step guide on or watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel.

What materials are required to make a origami frog?

You need minimal material to make a origami frog by using a thin paper and following the folds and instructions. You can either use a marker to draw frog eyes or use googly eyes to make eyes and decorate the origami frog.

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