How To Make Origami Dress (Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures)

A dress folded and assembled with origami methods is known as an origami dress. In the paper folding technique of origami, a single sheet of paper is folded without cutting or glueing to produce incredibly complex and detailed designs.

An origami dress, in the context of fashion, would entail applying these folding techniques to produce a distinctive and eye-catching article of clothing.The distinctive and artistic appearance of an origami garment is frequently attributed to its geometric and structured design, which has precise folds and angles.

Children would adore creating this simple origami dress for themselves or their dolls, using just a square piece of paper. You may also like to read our step by step guideline of How To Make An Origami Fish.

Lets check the stp-by-step video tutorial of How To Make Origami Dress :

Materials Required To Make Origami Dress :

  • Any squared paper sheet – Dimension – 15 CM X 15 CM
  • Decorative of your choice

So, lets begin the simple step-by-step tutorial of Origami Dress :

STEP 1 : Squared Paper

Lets take a squared shape paper of any size or to make a mini dress you can cut the paper in 15 cm by 15 cm dimension. You can use a printed paper which is easily available to make the dress look attractive.

STEP 2 : Fold Paper

Turn the paper and fold the paper in half from bottom to top. Crease the paper fold gently.

Unfold the paper and again fold the paper from bottom to the middle half crease created.

Fold similarly from the top and crease well. Both the fold will meet each other at the middle line crease for creating an easy origami dress.

STEP 3 : Pinch Fold

Pinch fold the squared paper from bottom towards upside and meet the middle crease line to create this cute origami dress.

Similarly, make the same fold arrangement from top to bottom. And gently press the paper creating a crease.

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STEP 4 : Fold Up

Flip the paper and the vertical structure will be created giving a small open bulge on the backside. When you turn the paper, the other blank side of paper would have a step fold structure.

Fold the paper structure which has been made from top to bottom from the plain side, so that the printed paper becomes the front side on folding.

STEP 5 : Flapping Folds

Post first fold of the paper, make a fold of about 1 inch, by moving the paper from bottom to top. In case the paper is small, then adjust the paper fold accordingly. When you turn the paper, a folded arrangement as shown below will be formed.

STEP 6 : Dress Base

The next folds will be created to give a base to the origami dress. Follow the arrows mentioned below and move the paper from left bringing it upward on both the sides. A basic dress structure will appear.

A beautiful origami dress structure from the paper is formed.

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Turn the paper, and make folds on the plain paper side. Flip the paper at the top middle and fold it making two small triangles.

Unfold the paper, by making a small pocket and removing the triangle shape from one side to other, in a straight paper arrangement.

STEP 7 : Continue To Fold

Flap and fold the paper edges of the triangle shape gently, making it look like a dress collar or neckline.

Flip the paper vertically, and make small fold from top to bottom in a curve line, completing the look of the dress.

Fold the top side of the paper dress outward from both side. And turn the paper. Once you turn the paper the origami dress will be ready.

Flipping the paper, decorate the dress with a decorative item like stickers, beads or stone.

STEP 8 : Decorate The Dress

Praise be! Your glue-free origami dress, created from a single square piece of paper, is ready. Kids can enjoy creating this lovely outfit for play or decoration using this simple folding technique. Should you find this lesson enjoyable, you should also read our How to Make Mini Guitar tutorial, which is a fun instruction.


Can we make clothes with paper ?

Yes, you can make a paper dress using the origami folding techniques, which can be used as a kid toy or an decorative item.

What is easy to make origami ?

There are many such paper craft tutorials on and also video tutorials our YouTube channel wherein you can explore easy and simple origami craft. Making a paper dress with folding techniques is an easy origami craft.

What dimension is used to make origami dress ?

You may use any size to create a simple origami dress activity for kids. The only thing to keep in mind is to maintain the square shape of the paper piece.

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