How To Make An Origami Boat

Hi there! Today, we’re going to make a quick, basic, and easy project that is quite popular with kids. Kids may create this origami project at any time and use it to play for hours. The Origami Boat is a straightforward craft that involves folding paper to create a structure.

A little boat made using the classic Japanese paper-folding technique known as origami is called an origami paper boat. Usually, one piece of paper is used to create this paper boat. The paper is then folded in a certain way to give it the appearance of a boat. Another simple activity for kids is the origami fish, which we have a step-by-step tutorial for. You may also love to read our guide papercrafts for kids.

Here is the video you must watch of DIY Origami Boat :

Origami Boat Step By Step Tutorial

This origami tutorial is an easy DIY craft. Typically, they are tiny, ostentatious and can sail on water for fun. So, lets start the Guide to Origami Paper Boat and list down the material

Materials you will need :

Hurray, for this origami craft you only need a squared colorful paper

  • Any preferred color Paper : Rectangular – Can be A5 paper Size

STEP 1 : Initial Paper Folding

Take a A5 Size or any rectangular shape paper and start folding the paper. Start with keeping the paper horizontally placed and fold the paper in half. Flip the paper to right and again make another fold from right to left the edges.

If you are looking to make an origami bag or an origami envelope, the initial steps would be similar. Do check out our step by step tutorials to get all the details.

STEP 2 : Create Triangle Shape

Now open the second fold back and a middle partition line or call it a crease would be appearing on the paper. Following the crease make fold from both top side edges meeting each other forming a triangle at the top.

STEP 3 : Boat Base

Fold the one layer on the top which you can see below and is not a part of the triangle shape. Similarly, turn the paper and make turn the flap up on the other side too. At this time you would see an initial shape of an boat.

STEP 4 : Crease And Fold

Turn the page to reveal the opposite side. In the same manner, fold up the lower edge. After unfolding, tuck the lower right corner in along the created crease. And repeat the same for the lower left flap.

Similarly, tuck the below left and right corners over the side and re fold up the bottom side edges.

STEP 5: Flattering The Corners

The paper should be opened at the bottom. Then, the left overlapping flap should be inserted below the right part, flattering the corners. A square shape structure would appear with bottom foldings.

STEP 6 : Refold

Again fold the bottom edges meeting the top and repeat the step from other side and press gently. Now, open the bottom of the fold made and flattern the sides.

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STEP 7 : Boat Structure

Separate the flaps on the left and right. Spread it out so that it resembles a boat. Let it open a little. The central triangle would look like a sail.

Make sure the boat rests level on a surface by shaping it with your fingertips. To make the boat more sturdy and resemble a boat, you may also gently pull out the sides. You’ve finished making your paper boat. It ought to be floating in water.

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To make your paper boat more imaginative and colorful, you might use markers or crayons to adorn it. This Origami boat is a one material project which only needs a paper and no glue. You can also make different type of crafts with our step by step tutorials. If you love music then you should definitely try making a DIY Guitar by reading our guide to make a cardboard guitar.

Precautions to keep in mind :

  1. Stick to the Rectangular shape dimension to get a wide open origami boat
  2. Crease the paper properly to get neat folding

FAQs On Origami Boat

Can Origami Boat Float?

Yes, Origami boat is not only the simplest craft and attractive but also it can float in water. You can check our step by step tutorial of How to make an origami boat on and learn this cute craft, which can float in water and kids would love playing with this origami boat.

How to make paper boat?

You can follow simple tutorial of how to make an origami boat on and learn making boat with a single material only which is readily available at home. You only need a paper to make a boat, which can also float in water.

Do you need glue to make a paper boat?

You do not need glue to make a paper boat. Paper boat is made by only creasing and folding the paper.

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