How To Make Paper Snowflakes

A popular and simple craft activity that’s great for winter decoration and the ultimate Christmas Eve celebration is making paper snowflakes. These are detailed instructions for creating paper snowflakes. We’re going to make three distinct kinds of snowflakes, an easy project that you’ll enjoy to attempt.

This paper craft is made with squared shape paper and some folding techniques. The main trick to get different paper snowflakes is creating different designs on the folded structure, which will make unique designs. So, lets start with three different types of Paper Snowflakes.

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You can watch the Video Tutorial of How To Make 3 Types of Paper Snowflakes :

Material’s required for making Paper Snowflakes :

  • Any Paper with squared shaped dimensions.
  • Scissor
  • Pencil

STEP 1 : Squared Paper

Cut the paper with a dimension of 20 CM by 20 CM. You can take any size of squared paper as per your choice. Make sure that the paper is square shaped to get proper folds and structure.

STEP 2 : Fold The Paper

Take the square sheet paper for making fortune teller and fold the sheet half diagonally creating a triangle.

STEP 3 : Refold

Flip the triangle which has been created vertically making the arrangement in a way that the triangle one side is pointed toward top and refold the paper again making a smaller triangle. Fold the paper from right edge to left.

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STEP 4 : Flapping Base

Flip the small created triangle from the right edge of it and considering the bottom corner, fold the paper till half. Similarly, fold the paper from the other side of the paper considering the bottom point. The paper structure will look like a flower on top and pointed ends.

STEP 5 : Cutting

Cut the paper from the top making it a straight cut paper with folds.

STEP 6 : Snowflake Base

Create two more such folded snowflake base to make different designs on them to create different types of paper snowflakes.

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STEP 7 : Design – Snowflake:1

Now, lets take the first snowflake base and create the design in the shape of doubled “U” which will create this beautiful snowflake shape. Using a pencil create the shape of the paper for cutting.

Cut the shaped marked on the paper, and open the paper gently.

The paper will thus open in this snowflake design, which is simple and beautiful.

STEP 8 : Design – Snowflake:2

Again, create a Similar “Y” shaped double block on the snowflake base paper to make this easy and simple paper snowflake. Using a pencil draw the shape on the paper.

Using scissors cut the shape that has been drawn and unfold the paper slowly.

Once, you unfold the paper, this variant structure of snowflake will be made.

STEP 9 : Design – Snowflake:3

Make a side structure on the paper fold using a pencil and draw neatly. Once the shape has been drawn on the paper cut the outline of the drawing using scissors.

Unfold the paper that has been cut gently in two three steps and open wide.

On unfolding the paper snowflake will be created in this beautiful structure making it look beautiful for Christmas decorations.

We hope you liked these three different types of paper snowflakes which can be used to decorate your homes for winters and also during Christmas season. Children can also make this craft for there school projects or just for fun. This step by step tutorial of How To Make A Paper Snowflake is a must try craft. You can also read 55 Best Crafts For Adults guide.

FAQs :

How do you make a simple snowflake?

Making a paper snowflake is easy and can be made by kids and adults both. You need a paper to make a snowflake and some folding techniques and a shape will get you a easy and beautiful snowflake.

How to make a snowflake craft?

Snowflake craft is easy and enjoyable. You can read our step-by-step tutorial of how to make a paper snowflake on or watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Why are mostly snowflakes 6 sided ?

In order to resemble real snowflakes, paper snowflakes are usually cut from folded paper and have six sides. Some paper snowflakes may also be 12 sided as per the structure formation.

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