21 Best Easter Paper Crafts For Kids – 2023

Children have a special place in their hearts for this joyful event because of the vibrant Easter eggs and the legendary Easter Bunny. On Easter Sunday, children eagerly anticipate waking up to find baskets full of delectable chocolates, candies, and toys tucked away all over their houses or gardens. They are even more thrilled as they set out on an exciting adventure to locate hidden prizes thanks to the spectacular Easter egg hunts. Children’s faces are covered in smiles and giggles as a result of the bright colours of the painted eggs and the excitement of finding them.

Easter offers kids a wonderful chance to spend time with their families, partake in enjoyable activities, and enjoy the beauty of the season, resulting in priceless memories that will last a lifetime. Easter is a time for celebration, joy, and creativity. Engaging children in fun Easter-themed paper crafts not only keeps them entertained but also helps develop their motor skills and fosters their imagination. From bunny masks to woven paper baskets, we’ve compiled a list of 21 delightful Easter paper crafts for kids. Let’s dive in and explore the magic of crafting!

21 Best Easter Paper Crafts For Kids

1. Bunny Masks

Craft adorable bunny masks using colored paper, pipe cleaners, and glue. Children can personalize their masks with markers, pom-poms, or even cotton balls for a fuzzy touch. They’ll love hopping around the house as cute little bunnies.

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2. Paper Easter Eggs

Cut out egg shapes from colorful construction paper. Let kids decorate the eggs using markers, glitter, sequins, or stickers. Hang them up as cheerful Easter decorations or create a beautiful Easter egg garland.

3. Chick Finger Puppets

Create finger puppets shaped like fluffy little chicks. Children can draw eyes, beaks, and feathers on yellow paper cutouts. These puppets are perfect for entertaining friends and family with lively puppet shows.

4. Paper Plate Bunny

Transform a plain paper plate into an adorable Easter bunny. Children can paint the plate and add googly eyes, a cotton ball nose, and construction paper ears. Hang them up or use them as wall decorations.

5. Pop-Up Easter Card

Guide children in making personalized pop-up Easter cards for their loved ones. They can design intricate 3D scenes with bunnies, eggs, and flowers. The recipients will be delighted by these heartfelt creations.

6. Egg Carton Flowers

Recycle egg cartons by turning them into beautiful flowers. Cut out the individual sections, paint them in vibrant colors, and attach green pipe cleaner stems. Children can create a bouquet or use them as table centerpieces.

7. Bunny Ears Headband

Craft a headband with bunny ears using colored cardstock. Children can decorate the headband with glitter, ribbons, or stickers. These adorable headbands add a festive touch to Easter celebrations.

8. Paper Carrots

Roll orange construction paper into carrot shapes. Add green paper tops or pipe cleaner leaves for a realistic touch. These paper carrots can be used as Easter basket fillers or table decorations.

9. Woven Paper Baskets

Teach children how to weave paper strips to create mini Easter baskets. They can decorate the baskets with stickers, ribbons, or cut-out shapes. These baskets are perfect for collecting Easter eggs.

10. Paper Bunny Puppets

Cut out bunny shapes from cardstock and attach them to craft sticks. Children can make the bunnies come to life by creating stories and putting on puppet shows for their friends and family.

11. Easter Egg Wreath

Cut out egg shapes from colorful construction paper and create a wreath by gluing them together. Add a ribbon bow for a finishing touch. This stunning wreath can be displayed on doors or walls.

12. Paper Chickens

Fold and cut yellow paper to create origami-style paper chickens. Children can add eyes, beaks, and feathers to make them even more charming. These little chickens can be used as table decorations or placed in Easter baskets.

13. Paper Bunny Garland

Cut out bunny shapes from colored paper and attach them to a string or ribbon to create a festive garland. Hang it across windows, doorways, or mantels to add a touch of Easter cheer.

14. Easter Bunny Treat Bags

Fold and glue paper into bunny-shaped treat bags. Children can decorate them with markers or stickers. These bags are perfect for holding Easter candies or small gifts for friends and family.

15. Hatching Chick Cards

Create cute hatching chick cards by cutting out egg shapes and adding a half-circle flap on top. Children can draw a chick peeking out from under the flap. These cards are great for sending Easter greetings.

16. Paper Tulips

Craft beautiful paper tulips using colorful paper and green pipe cleaners. Children can arrange the tulips in a vase or use them as place settings for an Easter brunch or dinner.

17. Bunny Corner Bookmarks

Fold colored paper into bunny corner bookmarks. Children can draw eyes, noses, and whiskers to complete the bunny faces. These bookmarks make reading even more enjoyable.

18. Easter Egg Collage

Cut out various shapes and sizes of eggs from colored paper. Children can glue them onto a larger piece of paper to create a vibrant and unique Easter egg collage.

19. Paper Stick Crafts

Cut out different easter-related shapes from paper and attach them to craft sticks. Children can use their sticks to act out Easter-themed stories or put on a puppet show for their friends.

20. Easter Egg Mosaics

Cut out small squares from different colored paper and have children create mosaic patterns on egg-shaped cutouts. These colorful Easter eggs can be used as wall decorations or given as gifts.

21. Bunny Ears Treat Bags

Fold and glue paper into bunny ear-shaped treat bags. Fill them with Easter treats and tie them with a colorful ribbon. These adorable bags make wonderful party favors or surprises for Easter egg hunts.

Engaging children in Easter paper crafts not only encourages creativity but also provides opportunities for quality family time and imaginative play. These 21 crafts, ranging from bunny masks to woven paper baskets, offer a plethora of fun activities to keep kids entertained during the holiday season. So gather your art supplies, unleash your creativity, and let the Easter crafting fun begin!

The most important thing to keep in mind is to give your kids access to a secure and supervised creative space where they may use their creativity. These craft projects with an Easter theme not only keep the kids occupied, but they also develop their creativity, fine motor skills, and ability to follow directions. Most importantly, it gives the whole family fantastic opportunities to bond and priceless memories. Happy creating this Easter!

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