25 Easy Animal Drawings For Kids

Easy drawing for beginners is a fun approach to encourage creativity among children. Art is fun and accessible when it transforms basic shapes like rectangles and circles into adorable animals. Kids can begin with easy drawing for beginners like fish, dogs, and cats and work their way up to more complex species. Also, you can check our tutorial on Easy Origami Fish Craft which is fun.

Scroll down to find more about easy drawing for beginners and amazing drawing ideas for kids. 

How To Draw Animals?

Although it can seem effective to have them duplicate every stage of a teacher’s procedure, there are issues with this. While it guarantees aesthetically beautiful outcomes and simplifies the classroom, it restricts cognitive engagement, making it difficult for pupils to apply knowledge or encourage creativity. If you love animals, then you can also craft an Origami Frog and enjoy the tutorial to make it.

The intention of drawing animals is to promote higher-order thinking. Open-ended features are crucial, even though some structured supervision can be required. A step-by-step sketch, for example, can nonetheless provide individual choices in the finer points, encouraging harmony between direction and artistic freedom and thus easy drawing for beginners. You can also check out the beginner easy Origami Gift Box, which is another fun activity.

When complicated things are broken down into simpler shapes, drawing becomes easier to understand. With this easy drawing for beginners method, kids can not only copy their drawings but also comprehend and make changes to them. In the end, this method encourages critical thinking while enabling students to go beyond simple imitation by incorporating unique elements like colour, depth, and texture, creating a more fulfilling and flexible creative process. You can also try making Animal Faces crafts by using origami papers.

25 Easy Animal Drawings For Kids

1. How To Draw A Fox?

Draw this cute fox step by step as shown in the picture. Do you know that fox is known as a clever animal?

2. How To Draw A Unicorn?

An enchanted and folkloric creature, the unicorn has captured people’s imaginations for generations. The unicorn, which is frequently portrayed as a horse with a single spiralling horn sticking out of its forehead, is a representation of grace, enchantment, and purity.

These elusive creatures are portrayed in legends from many different cultures, such as Greek and mediaeval European mythology, as emblems of purity and wild beauty. Draw this cute unicorn step by step and colour it.

3. How To Draw A Monkey?

Draw a monkey with easy steps and colour it. It’s fun to see that by drawing shapes you can create a monkey. 

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4. How to draw a Dinosaur?

Do you like dinosaurs? If yes here is a cute drawing for you.

You may explore our amazing guide on 25 Best Dinosaur Crafts For Kids, which is also a great guide to engage kids.

5. How To Draw A Spider?

Do you want to draw a cute spider? You can draw a spider just by drawing circles. Now for the legs draw parallel lines and join them.

6. How to draw a Dragon?

Do you know that dragons can produce fire when they are angry? Draw this cute dragon just starting with a circle.

7. How to draw a Shark?

For people of all ages, drawing a shark step-by-step is a terrific activity. In addition to being enjoyable and creative, it can also assist in improving one’s anatomy knowledge and skill level. Start by sketching the shark’s basic form using simple shapes like ovals. Next, add features like the mouth, eyes, and fins.

Later, add texture and dimension to the shark by drawing scales and markings. Lastly, add colour and shade to the drawing to make it more realistic. Anyone can learn how to draw a shark and produce a stunning work of art with practice.

8. How to draw a Bat?

Movies always show that bat is a bad horror animal which is not true. Bats can hung upside down. Draw this cute bat with just one line.

9. How to draw a Panda?

Do you know pandas love eating bamboo? Draw this cute panda just by starting with a circle and the colour is black on the legs, eyes, ears and hands.

10. How To Draw A Turtle?

There have been turtles for around 215 million years! However, a large number of turtle species are in danger of extinction. Sketch the turtle’s shell, along with its protruding limbs and head.

11. How To Draw A Whale?

Do you know that the blue whale is the largest animal on earth? Draw this on a piece of paper and have fun.

12. How To Draw A Bee?

Bees buzz, collect nectar, and make honey. They’re busy pollinators, helping flowers grow. Respect these tiny garden helpers by drawing a cute portrait of a bee.

13. How To Draw A Snake?

Slithery snakes hiss, shed skin, and have no legs. Some are friendly, others are not. Explore and appreciate nature!

14. How To Draw A Lion?

The lion is the king of the jungle. Draw the king with the simple steps.

15. How To Draw A Rabbit?

The teeth of a rabbit never stop growing! Sketching a lovely bunny only takes five steps. Draw a circle for the head and a circle for the body to start. Draw a little, fluffy tail and two long ears on the head.

16. How To Draw A Giraffe?

Giraffes have tall necks with black spots over their yellow body. They love to eat plants. Draw them with the help of this simple technique.

17. How To Draw A Snail?

Slow and slimy, snails carry cosy shells on their backs. They munch on leaves and leave shiny trails behind.

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18. How To Draw An Elephant?

Anyone wishing to learn how to draw an elephant will find Easy Elephant Step-by-Step Drawing to be an excellent resource. It offers thorough directions for every stage as well as pictures to make the procedure easier to understand. It’s an enjoyable approach to pick up a new skill while having fun.

19. How To Draw A Dog?

This step-by-step drawing tutorial for puppies is a terrific method to quickly learn how to draw puppies. Anyone may quickly learn to draw a realistic dog by following the step-by-step directions and simple step-by-step instructions. All you need to get started is a pencil and some paper.

20. How To Draw A Fish?

Fish swim in water, using fins to glide. Some are colourful, others hide. Discover the ocean’s wonders, fins and scales!

21. How To Draw A Cow?

Drawing a cow step-by-step is an excellent method for learning how to draw a cow. This is a quick and enjoyable method of drawing anything from scratch. You may quickly learn how to draw a cow by following these easy instructions.

Draw the cow’s body in its basic outline first. Next, include details like the cow’s udder, tail, head, and legs. To create a drawing of a cow that looks realistic, pay close attention to the instructions and be exact.

After finishing, you can add colour to bring your drawing of a cow to life. You may learn how to draw a cow and produce an incredible drawing by following a few easy steps.

22. How To Draw A Rat?

Rats are small, clever rodents with long tails. They nibble on snacks and explore, making playful, furry friends.

23. How To Draw A Koala Bear?

Koala bears are cute, tree-dwelling marsupials from Australia. They sleep a lot and munch on eucalyptus leaves.

24. How To Draw A Deer?

Deer roam forests, graceful with antlers. They nibble on plants, leaping and playing. Spot these gentle creatures in nature!

25. How To Draw A Tiger?

Tigers are big cats with orange fur and black stripes. They’re strong and love to swim. Protect these majestic creatures!

Drawing these animals encourages colour and pattern experimenting providing even more enjoyment. These drawing ideas for kids’ exercise stimulate the mind in addition to improving fine motor abilities.

Young artists acquire confidence via step-by-step instruction, and the delight of witnessing their beloved animals come to life on paper turns into a fulfilling and instructive experience. We hope you will enjoy making these animals!

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