25 Best Dinosaur Crafts For Kids – 2023

Dinosaur crafts have been favourites among both kids and adults. They are a great way to spark up your imagination and transport it to a time when these magnificent creatures roamed the earth. Dinosaur crafts for kids are not only entertaining but also provide an excellent opportunity for learning about these ancient beings.

If you are looking for some ways to entertain your kids while at the same time giving them some valuable knowledge, Worry not! We’ve got you. We have curated a list of the 25 best dinosaur craft ideas for kids that are both fun and educational.

Let’s dive into the world of prehistoric fun and education!

25 Best Dinosaur Crafts

1. Dinosaur Footprints

This is a simple and fun dinosaur craft idea for a 2- to 3-year-old kid and even an infant. You can use sponges or cutouts shaped like dinosaur feet and encourage your little ones to stomp around like magnificent creatures on an adventure.

Along with dinosaur crafts, paper shoes can be another excellent craft for kid.

2. Paper Plate Dinos

Transform ordinary paper plates into a roaring T-Rex or gentle Brachiosaurus with some paint, construction paper, and googly eyes. This delightful dinosaur craft for preschoolers will keep them engaged while increasing their motor skills and creativity.

If you are looking for more inspiration for creative crafts, leprechaun traps can be an another exciting option.

3. Dinosaur Egg Excavation

Create your dinosaur eggs with plaster or clay, and let the kids excavate their treasures with the help of small tools. This craft introduces the kids to palaeontology and also enhances their problem-solving skills.

4. Popsicle Stick Dinosaurs

You can use coloured popsicles, pipe cleaners, and markers to create dinosaur figures. This dinosaur craft is perfect for 2-year-old kids to enhance colour recognition and hand-eye coordination.

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5. Dino Fossils

Design salt dough fossils with toy dinosaur imprints. This activity educates children about fossils and how they are formed over millions of years.

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6. Egg Carton Stegosaurus

This is an excellent way to recycle egg cartons and transform them into Stegosaurus models. This dinosaur craft for 2-year-olds encourages creativity and teaches them about different dinosaur species.

7. Dinosaur Habitat Diorama

This dinosaur craft for preschoolers encourages them to learn about different environments and habitats. Use old shoeboxes and craft materials to create dinosaur habitats.

8. Toilet Roll T-Rex

Recycle toilet paper rolls by transforming them into fearsome T-Rex figurines. This delightful dinosaur craft for kids offers endless possibilities for decorating and role-playing.

One of the best paper crafts for kids, this would make your kid fall in love with crafts.

9. Dinosaur Masks

Use paper plates or cardstock to create imaginative and artsy dinosaur masks. This activity allows kids to play with their favourite dinosaurs and engage in role-playing scenarios.

10. Salt Dough Dinosaur Tracks

Dye the pasta in different colours for an educational twist and make dinosaur skeletons with them. This craft enhances knowledge about dinosaur anatomy.

11. Dinosaur Egg Excavation

Use salt dough and toy dinosaurs to create dinosaur footprints and their fossilisation. This craft for preschoolers taught them about how scientists study dinosaurs.

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12. Paper Mache Dinosaur

Engage in a messy but exciting paper mache project to craft a 3D dinosaur sculpture. This elaborate dinosaur craft for kids fosters patience and creativity.

13. Dinosaur Sock Puppets

Transform your old socks into a fun dinosaur craft for infants and toddlers. Use buttons and fabric glue to make a dinosaur’s face. This activity encourages sensory skills.

14. Dino Shadow Puppet Theatre

You can create a dinosaur puppet theatre using cardboard and cellophane. This craft encourages imagination and storytelling in kids.

15. Fossil Cookies

You can bake and decorate sugar cookies to look like fossils. This fun dinosaur craft can make education fun and tasty.

16. Leafy Dinosaur Art

Take a walk and gather leaves to make unique dinosaur artwork, utilising the diverse shapes and sizes of leaves. This eco-friendly dinosaur craft for kids connects them with nature while encouraging creativity.

17. Dinosaur Bracelets

Design dinosaur-themed bracelets with beads and elastic string. This craft for kids can encourage them to share their interest in dinosaurs with others and make friends.

18. Dinosaur Origami

Making paper dinosaurs is a great way to introduce kids to the art of origami. This fun dinosaur craft also enhanced motor skills and boosted self-esteem as they completed difficult designs.

19. Dinosaur T-Shirt

Customise plain T-shirts by using fabric colours or markers and making your kid’s favourite dinosaurs on them. This craft encourages kids to proudly wear their personal creations.

20. Dino Alphabet Puzzle

Crafting a dinosaur-themed alphabet puzzle can help children with letter recognition and spelling practise. This dinosaur craft for preschoolers makes learning fun and delightful.

21. T-Rex Hand Puppet

You can construct a T-Rex hand puppet by using felt and some basic sewing skills. This imaginative dinosaur craft engages kids in storytelling and boosts their imagination.

22. Dino Wall Art

Paint and decorate canvases with dinosaur silhouettes, turning kids’ art into bedroom decorations. This art-focused dinosaur craft for kids allows them to express their creativity while adding a personal touch to their space.

23. Paper Dino Bookmarks

Engage kids in the fun activity of reading by crafting dinosaur bookmarks with cardstock and colourful ribbons. This will make reading time for your kids even more enjoyable and exciting.

24. Dinosaur Stamps

Make DIY dinosaur stamps using foam sheets and wooden blocks. This dinosaur craft for infants and toddlers makes it faster for them to recognise shapes and colours.

25. Dino Nameplates

Personalise bedroom doors with dino nameplates made with wooden letters and dinosaur cutouts. This craft gives kids a sense of ownership over their personal space while celebrating their love for dinosaurs.

Dinosaur crafts for kids are a fun way to combine creativity and education, making learning fun and exciting for them. From simple footprints to elaborate paper mache sculptures, the 25 best dinosaur crafts presented in this guide offer something for every age group, including dinosaur crafts for 2 to 3-year-olds, dinosaur crafts for preschoolers, and even engaging activities for infants.

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