­­­­­25 Most Popular Mother’s Day Crafts For Preschoolers

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates the love and dedication of mothers around the world. Preschoolers are often eager to show their affection through handmade gifts. Engaging in craft activities not only allows them to express their creativity but also provides an opportunity to create unique and heartfelt presents for their moms. In this article, we will explore 25 popular Mother’s Day crafts for preschoolers, complete with detailed descriptions of each craft.

1. Handprint Flower Bouquet

The Handprint Flower Bouquet is a classic and cherished craft. Help preschoolers trace and cut out their handprints on colorful construction paper. Then, attach the handprint flowers to pipe cleaners to create a beautiful bouquet. This craft allows children to showcase their creativity and provides a lasting memento for moms.

2. Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Encourage preschoolers to create personalized picture frames using popsicle sticks. Provide glue, paints, and various craft decorations such as stickers, glitter, or buttons. Preschoolers can paint the sticks, decorate them, and glue them together to form a frame. This craft allows children to add a personal touch and create a special frame for a cherished photo.

3. Paper Plate Butterfly

For a whimsical craft, cut a paper plate in half and let preschoolers unleash their creativity. They can decorate each half with paints, markers, or crayons, creating vibrant butterfly wings. Attach a clothespin or popsicle stick in the center as the butterfly’s body and add pipe cleaner antennae for a delightful finishing touch.

4. Fingerprint Family Tree

Create a fingerprint family tree to celebrate the bond between a child and their family. Draw a simple tree trunk on paper and provide different colored paints. Help preschoolers dip their fingers in the paint to create leaves on the tree. Label each fingerprint with the names of family members, resulting in a sentimental keepsake.

5. Handprint Apron

A handprint apron is a practical and sentimental gift. Provide a plain white apron and fabric paint. Let preschoolers dip their hands in the paint and press them onto the apron to create handprint designs. This personalized apron will remind moms of their little ones whenever they cook or engage in crafting activities.

6. Button Flower Card

Preschoolers can create a charming flower card using buttons. Give them colored cardstock and glue. Instruct them to arrange buttons in flower shapes on the front of a folded card. This craft allows children to explore different colors and shapes while creating a unique card for their moms.

7. Handprint Oven Mitt

Similar to the handprint apron, a handprint oven mitt is a practical gift. Provide a plain oven mitt and fabric paint. Guide preschoolers in creating handprint designs on the mitt. This personalized gift will bring a smile to moms’ faces every time they use it in the kitchen.

8. Paper Plate Sun Catcher

Create a colourful sun catcher using a paper plate. Cut out the center of the plate, leaving only the outer rim. Let preschoolers decorate the rim with small pieces of colored tissue paper. Attach a string to hang the sun catcher in a window, filling the room with vibrant hues.

9. Handprint Flower Bouquet

Preschoolers can make a vibrant flower pot using tissue paper. Provide small terracotta pots and squares of tissue paper. Assist them in arranging the tissue paper and gluing it onto the pot to create a beautiful flower design. Moms will appreciate this cheerful addition to their home decor.

10. Handprint Heart Card

Fold a piece of cardstock in half and guide preschoolers in creating a heart shape using their handprints. Let them decorate the card further with additional drawings or stickers. This heartfelt card will surely touch moms’ hearts.

11. Paper Chain of Love

A paper chain of love is a simple yet meaningful craft. Cut colored construction paper into strips and help preschoolers make a paper chain by stapling or gluing the ends together. Each strip can have a written message or drawing expressing love and appreciation for mom. This craft serves as a visual representation of the strong bond between a child and their mother.

12. Footprint Butterfly Pot

Create a unique plant pot using preschoolers’ footprints. Use a large pot and guide them in painting their footprints to resemble butterflies. Once dry, the pot can be placed in the garden as a lasting and sentimental keepsake.

13. Handprint Tote Bag

Preschoolers can create a personalized tote bag using fabric paint and their handprints. Provide a plain canvas tote bag and various colors of fabric paint. Help them dip their hands in the paint and create handprint designs on the bag. This practical gift can be used by moms for shopping or carrying items, showcasing their little ones’ artistic talents.

14. Handprint Flower Crown

Preschoolers can fashion a delightful flower crown for their moms. Cut flower shapes out of colored construction paper and assist them in attaching the flowers to a paper headband. Moms will be thrilled to wear this handmade crown on Mother’s Day.

15. Handprint Flower Pot

If butterfly footprint idea didn’t please you, this one surely will. Encourage preschoolers to create a handprint flower pot as a special gift. Help them dip their hands in paint and create handprint flowers on a small clay pot. Once dry, the pot can be filled with soil and a small plant, serving as a constant reminder of a child’s love.

16. Paper Plate Fruit Basket

Preschoolers can make a paper plate fruit basket to symbolize the abundance of love. Cut the center of a paper plate, leaving a rim. Let children color the rim and glue cut-out paper fruit shapes, such as apples, oranges, and strawberries. This craft celebrates the nurturing spirit of mothers.

17. Yarn Wrapped Heart

Preschoolers can explore their fine motor skills by creating a yarn-wrapped heart. Provide heart-shaped cardboard cutouts and colorful yarn. Help them secure the yarn around the edges of the heart and continue wrapping until the heart is filled. This craft can be displayed as a decorative piece or hung as an ornament.

18. Paper Flower Bookmark

Encourage preschoolers to create a useful and decorative paper flower bookmark. Provide colored construction paper, markers, and glue. Assist them in cutting out flower shapes and decorating them with markers. Glue a long strip of paper to the bottom of the flower, creating a bookmark that can be personalized with drawings or messages.

19. Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake

Preschoolers can create a sentimental keepsake using salt dough. Help them mix salt, flour, and water to create the dough. Roll it out and assist them in pressing their handprints onto the surface. Bake the salt dough according to the instructions, resulting in a durable keepsake that can be painted and personalized.

20. Tissue Paper Collage

Preschoolers can engage in a colorful and imaginative craft by creating a tissue paper collage. Provide various colors of tissue paper and glue. Let them tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces and arrange them on a piece of construction paper and stick memories on them. This is a unique artwork for their moms.

21. Handprint Heart Wreath

Guide preschoolers in creating a handprint heart wreath using colored construction paper. Help them trace and cut out multiple handprints, arranging them in a heart shape. Glue the handprints together, forming a wreath. This craft represents the love and care a child has for their mom.

22. Painted Rock Paperweight

Preschoolers can transform plain rocks into vibrant paperweights. Provide smooth rocks and acrylic paints. Assist them in painting the rocks with various colors and designs. Once dry, the painted rocks can be used as decorative paperweights, reminding moms of their little ones’ creativity.

23. Heart Shaped Clay Dish

Preschoolers can create a heart-shaped clay dish for moms to hold jewelry or other small treasures. Provide air-dry clay and heart-shaped cookie cutters. Let them roll out the clay and cut heart shapes. Assist them in pressing their thumbs into the center of each heart to create a shallow dish shape. Once dry, the clay can be painted and personalized.

24. Button Bracelet

Encourage preschoolers to create a unique button bracelet for their moms. Provide elastic string and a variety of buttons in different colors and sizes. Assist them in threading the buttons onto the string, creating a fashionable accessory that moms can proudly wear.

25. “Reasons I Love You” Jar

Create a heartfelt and meaningful gift by helping preschoolers make a “Reasons I Love You” jar. Provide a jar and strips of colored paper. Ask preschoolers to dictate reasons why they love their moms, and write them down on the paper strips. Fill the jar with these loving messages, creating a beautiful and personalized gift that moms can cherish.

Engaging preschoolers in Mother’s Day crafts not only allows them to express their creativity but also provides them with an opportunity to create thoughtful and heartfelt gifts for their moms. These 25 popular Mother’s Day crafts for preschoolers are not only fun and easy to make but also serve as cherished keepsakes that will bring joy to mothers’ hearts. By encouraging children to participate in these crafts, we celebrate the bond between a child and their mother, making Mother’s Day even more special.

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